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July 05, 2016

I Want a President Born on the Fourth of July. Really

by Christopher Chantrill Follow chrischantrill on Twitter

Eighteen months ago I started this I Want a President series with “I Want a President Who Loves America.” I wrote of my love for America and how I’d like a president that loved America as much as I did.

Then, last July I wrote “I Want a President Born on the Fourth of July.” I talked about George M. Cohan and Yankee Doodle Dandy and Irving Berlin and “God Bless America” and I said “I want a president who’s a rootin’ tootin’ unashamed booster of America and Americanism.” I proposed a three point program for the next President of the United States:

  1. America is the best country in the world.
  2. The American people are the best people in the world.
  3. America must have the best economy in the world.

Can anyone say Make America Great Again?

Of course, I had no clue about Donald Trump back then. But you can see I was on to something. For instance, take this two question poll:

  1. Which presumptive presidential candidate do you think “loves America?”
    1. Hillary Clinton
    2. Donald Trump
  1. Which presumptive presidential candidate seems like s/he was “born of the Fourth of July?
    1. Hillary Clinton
    2. Donald Trump

See what I mean?

Now you may think that all this love and flag waving is a bunch of baloney. But I think it is deadly serious, especially in this year of Trump and Brexit.

Trump and Brexit are telling us that the global elite’s plan to deep-six the nation state with a combination of identity politics and supranational organizations like the European Union is going on the rocks. The lesson of Trump seems to be that ordinary people still respond to the call of the nation, as in making it great. The lesson of Brexit seems to be twofold. First, voters prefer their nations to the super-bureaucratic supranational government of their global elite betters. Second, when you soft pedal the nation state you start to get separatist movements like the Scottish National Party that want to secede from nation states into smaller units. The way things are going the EU might break up and then the nation states within it could also break up too.

People might decide after a few years of this that it is time to replace our current ruling class of elitists educated at elite universities and replace them with businessmen.

Our global ruling class is making two big mistakes. First of all it is trying to unify us in supranational states that ordinary people don’t like. Secondly it is dividing the people, the demos of existing national states, with its Frankfurt School identity politics.

When you think about it, it shows that the global ruling class is dumb or something. In the first place, they propose to govern as a global, unaccountable überclass. How well is that likely to work out, long term? In the second place they propose to use the leaden politics of identity to rile up the masses at election time, imagining that they can control the beast that they have created.

As I see it the probable result of this two-track stupidity is a subject population of natives getting more and more restless, and a developing war of all against all as subnational subgroups start to strike out against the other subnational subgroups over the spoils that their wise global elite masters have dangled in front of them.

OK, enough of the predictions. The natives are already restless and the nation states are already breaking apart. No prophetic skills are needed.

Here’s a simpler idea. The left’s culture of global governance and identity politics doesn’t work because it doesn’t provide a politics that encourages people to unify and think of themselves as a single people.

The dirty little secret is that the way you really unify a people is by fighting a war. That’s how the rebellion of 1776 turned into the American nation. That’s how Bismarck created Germany. That’s how Roosevelt united all the Germans and Irish and Italians and Jews and northern union workers and southern segregationists in America to win World War II and create the all-American culture of the 1950s.

We need a president that loves America. We need a president that acts like he was born on the Fourth of July. Not everyone is a conservative hard-ass like you or me that can wive and thrive in America even if every last liberal in the land is sneering and hating on us. Most people need encouragement; most people need to be told they are good people.

We are all good Americans and all we need is a president that loves America and who seems like he was born on the Fourth of July, and pretty soon America would be Great Again.

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